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For over 25 Years, the family Degezelle - Vanden Buverie offers a personal approach, the latest technologies and construction products.

Today, the next generation is ready to present their personal story about Degezelle Technology.


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The manufacturing of high-quality concrete without the use of traditional cement is our mission with Eco2Polycon. Traditional cement is responsible on its own for 8% of the  global CO2 emission.


In our process, we replace the cement with an ecological binder. As a result, a complex structure is formed which guarantees considerably better properties than a traditional concrete.


As first Belgian ready mix concrete plant, we have this patented technology at our disposal.

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Quality Concrete and

hydraulic bound mixtures

(BENOR) produced

in our modern concrete plant.


Construction and demolition waste from demolition, excavations and roadworks is being recycled (crushed, sieved and washed) to BENOR approved materials.

Unique features



Thanks to the formation of the complex metalsilicat structure ECO2 Polycon possesses a much higher performance of resistance to acids, bases, salts compared with conventional concrete compositions.

Compared to the traditional Portland cement ECO2 Polycon

reduces CO2 emissions up to 83.6%.



Reaction times can be monitored perfectly so we reach faster formwork stripping which results in a higher production efficiency.



Because of the much lower water / binding agent ratio compared with the traditional concrete compositions, the concrete shrinks considerable less. Lower heat of hydration lets us cast concrete in massive constructions. We continue to work even when outside temperature is 1°C.




A handy advantage is the chemical resistance that is much higher than traditional concrete. When applying our concrete, there’s no fear of carbonation.



No, we don’t have to walk around with chemical suits and masks to process ECO2 Polycon. The classic protection measures are applicable here. ECO2 Polycon also behaves as a traditional concrete while processing (polishing, casting, pumping)




A technology, known for years, is updated in our own laboratory.

A fact we are quite proud of.

Applicable  in
3 sectors


Ideal for use as acid-resistant industrial flooring, water treatment plants, ...

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Highly recommended for the application of trench silos, vegetable processing plants, slurry pits, ...

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The application of Eco2Polycon in the precast industry is especially in cribs, pig slats, ...



If you have any questions about these products, you can always contact our department

‘Research and technical support ‘.


Of course we have the necessary tests in approved laboratories and academic institutions.

Certification of ECO2POLYCON is pending.